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We think big in all dimensions

Our focus is on creating unique solutions that inspire change. With imagination and creativity as our compass, we navigate unexplored areas. As a team of forward-thinkers, each offering a unique perspective, we collaborate to solve complex challenges. Together, we strive to build a world where technology and people connect to turn dreams into reality.

Product development

At Grepit AB, we specialize in creating embedded solutions, exploring IoT potential, and designing user-friendly products.

Our expertise extends across various industries, including automotive, industrial, property, technology, mining, and military/defense, with a focus on developing complex systems through design and verification processes.

Internally, we prioritize excellence, and we rigorously test our products throughout the entire development cycle. From precise test automation to environmental assessments in our climate chamber, we maintain high quality standards.

Our 3D printing and mechanical prototyping labs enable us to explore creative ideas.

Our projects

At Grepit AB, we value engaging in creative projects that explore the potential of technology. With a dedicated team, we tackle diverse challenges across various industries, seeking effective solutions.

Through collaborations with our partners, we have developed various products that advance technology and offer insights into future possibilities.

Fastest charging station in North of Sweden

Grepit has developed and produced the fastest charging station in North of Sweden in collaboration with Zpark Energy Systems. The station features an integrated battery buffer system, contributing to a green transition in partnership with Skoogs Bränsle.

Zpark Energy Systems

Grepit AB’s expertise in embedded systems and batteries has empowered Zpark Energy Systems to deliver groundbreaking products in the EV-charging industry. Zpark innovative solutions are reshaping the future of electric vehicle charging.

Innovative Living

Grepit has developed intelligent solutions for Innovative Living houses, embedding smart systems within homes to provide homeowners with complete control. Their integrated system permeates the house, regulating everything from ventilation to tumble dryers, simplifying everyday life effortlessly.

Volvo Cars

The collaboration between Grepit and Volvo Cars extends beyond code development. It involves active participation in Rust-related initiatives and communities. Grepit’s engagement with the Rust language aligns with Volvo Cars’ vision to expand the use of Rust to more nodes within the company.


Fracsinus and Grepit have collaborated to develop Borre IV, an new version of advanced rock stress measuring system. The new version offers 10 times better resolution and higher sampling frequency. It also resulted in the introduction of Borre Monitoring, offering 100 times better resolution than the closest competitors and capturing previously undetectable data.

GemPen Diamond Screener

In 2017 Grepit AB, with collaborative insights from Per, embedded system professor at LTU, played a key role in developing GemPen Diamond Screener, marking a milestone in the company’s growth. Focused on embedded rust technology, this early project paved the way for Grepit’s expanded rust expertise. Today, GemPen stands as a testament to Grepit’s commitment to creativity, offering efficient diamond screening solutions for jewelers and gemmologists.

BioPCB for high frequencies

Grepit AB has in collaboration with Beammwave AB and RISE, developed a hypothesis testing project in the field of materials. The project aimed to demonstrate that biobased benzoxazines can produce circuit board materials with low dielectric damping at high frequencies through innovative molecular design, monomer synthesis, and test panel manufacturing. The promising results indicated that these biobased materials can be a green and sustainable alternative solution to standard industrial material in advanced electronic products.

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Are you passionate about technology, design and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible? At Grepit AB, we are always on the lookout for creative minds and skilled professionals to join our team.

If you’re interested in joining us, send your resume and cover letter today. Let’s collaborate to build a future where creativity and technology thrive. Join us and be part of something extraordinary.