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At Grepit AB, we offer a wide range of services to support your business. Our team is committed to delivering practical solutions tailored to your needs. Explore our services below.

We aim to go beyond expectations by turning your ideas into reality. Contact us to discuss how our services can contribute to your business success.

Product development

At Grepit, our product development team is skilled in creating advanced embedded solutions, exploring IoT potential and delivering first-class product designs. Our focus is on developing complex systems with an emphasis on comprehensive design and verification processes.

We have experience working with different industries such as automotive, property technology, mining, and military/defense sectors. Our goal is to offer deployable solutions, either independently or through collaborative ventures.

Embedded systems

Our embedded systems department excels in seamlessly integrating software and hardware, driving solutions across industries with efficiency-focused expertise in electrical engineering and software design.

IoT solutions

Our IoT team, with expertise in app development, cloud solutions, software development, and cybersecurity, collaborates to design and strengthen device networks. We create, deploy, and secure IoT solutions seamlessly.

Product design

Our collaborative team combines skills in UX, UI, industrial and mechanical design, exploring creative pathways. Through the seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality, we aim to create user-centric solutions that  enhance user experiences.

Prototyping & testing

Committed to quality, our prototyping and testing play a vital role in product development. We focus on comprehensive testing and quality assessments in our testing labs. We utilize 3D printing and prototyping to experiment and test our ideas.

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