Grepit and Luleå Formula Student collaborate to develop electric Formula Car

Grepit and Luleå Formula Student collaborate to develop electric Formula Car

Grepit, a leading player in technology development, has been an invaluable partner in this project. Their support has been crucial in enabling the students at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) to realize their ideas and dreams of competing with an electric formula car.

-We are incredibly grateful for Grepit’s support and expertise. Their contribution has played a major role in our project, and it is with their help that we have been able to come this far, Max Wiberg says, chairman of Luleå Formula Student and student in the Master of Science in Engineering Architecture program at LTU.

Grepit’s Contribution
The formula car was originally built by Jimmy Abrahamsson and Johan Eriksson, the co-owners of Grepit AB. They handed over the car to the Formula Student team at Luleå University of Technology to give the students the opportunity to build on the project.

-We are happy to support young engineers and contribute to the development of sustainable technology through this formula car project. It is fantastic to see their dedication and hard work, Johan Eriksson says, co-owner and technical manager at Grepit AB.

From Vision to Reality
With the car in their hands, the Formula Student team began working towards their vision of converting the traditional combustion engine formula car into an electric formula car. Students from various programs, such as mechanical engineering, technical design, and automotive systems engineering, have collaborated to achieve this goal. The work has included both leisure projects and courses in mechanical engineering, vehicle dynamics, and design.

First Event: Ljungbyhed Motorbana
Now, the Formula Students are ready to participate in their first race event at Ljungbyhed motor track in southern Sweden, where they will observe and learn from eight other teams from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The car project has been ongoing for several years, starting as a leisure project and now being part of a course. The main sponsor is Grepit, which provides the car and supports the team with technical issues and other challenges.

About Luleå Formula Student
Luleå Formula Student is a student-driven association at Luleå University of Technology that develops and competes with formula cars in the international competition Formula Student. The association offers a practical platform for students to apply their knowledge in technology, design, and project management. For more information, visit

Grepit wishes the Formula Students good luck in the event in Ljungbyhed and looks forward to continuing to build on the collaboration after the event.