From innovation to tech industry leader

From innovation to tech industry leader

Grepit AB, a technology development company, traces its roots back to a spin-off from Luleå University of Technology in 2014. In the span of nearly a decade, Grepit has evolved into a powerhouse in the tech industry and proudly stands as a subsidiary of the Tech Invest North group. The company’s journey is marked by key milestones and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Since Grepit AB was founded in 2014, as a spin-off from Luleå University of Technology, Grepit has transformed from being a one-person company to growing into a high-tech development firm. As Grepit laid its foundations, it quickly gained recognition for its forward-thinking approach to technology solutions.

GemPen Diamond Screener: A turning point
In 2017, Grepit achieved a breakthrough developing the GemPen Diamond Screener, a pioneering project in collaboration with embedded systems professor Per Lindgren. This innovation, focused on embedded Rust technology, propelled Grepit into the spotlight and showcased its commitment to cutting-edge solutions. The success of the GemPen Diamond Screener marked the beginning of a transformative journey for the company.

From embedded systems to complete product development As the tech landscape evolved, so did Grepit. In 2021, the company strategically shifted its focus from embedded systems to product development, expanding its capabilities and embracing a broader spectrum of technological challenges. This shift laid the groundwork for Grepit’s continued growth and success in delivering comprehensive solutions.

Expanding horizons: New office in Gothenburg and Umeå In 2023, Grepit opened new office in Gothenburg and Umeå, a testament to its expanding influence and commitment to fostering innovation across Sweden. These strategic expansions position Grepit to further collaborate with diverse talents and contribute to the technological landscape on a larger scale.

Looking forward with dedication to innovation Today, Grepit operates from its main offices in Luleå and Göteborg, boasting a talented team spread across Sweden and international locations like Palo Alto, USA and Conegliano, Italy. The company remains dedicated to inspiring change and solving complex challenges through imaginative solutions. With a commitment to excellence, Grepit aims for continued growth and success in the dynamic world of technology.

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About Grepit AB Grepit AB, a proud member of the Tech Invest North group, is a technology development firm founded in 2014. With a diverse range of expertise, Grepit is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that inspire change. The company’s dedicated team, in Sweden and abroad, is primed for continued success and growth.