Grepit AB, a leading player in technology development with headquarters in Luleå and Gothenburg, specializes in customized embedded systems. With teams located from Umeå to Palo Alto, Grepit is perfectly positioned to meet and exceed the technical needs of companies worldwide.

Expertise in embedded systems

Grepit’s embedded systems division is known for its ability to seamlessly integrate software and hardware. By combining in-depth knowledge in electrical engineering and software design, they can offer solutions that streamline operations and enhance productivity across a variety of industrial sectors, including automotive, building technology, mining, and defense.

Collaboration as the key to success

Grepit has, through collaboration with industry leaders such as Volvo Cars and Zpark Energy Systems, as well as companies like GemPen Diamond Screener and Fracsinus, developed products and technologies that not only meet but also change market norms. Grepit’s goal is to continue to provide implementable solutions that create added value for both Grepit’s clients and their end-users.

Improved performance and innovation

Grepit’s technical solutions optimize performance and sustainability, giving their clients a significant competitive advantage. Through meticulous design and verification processes, the company ensures that each project delivers technical excellence and real value to customers.

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